The cooperation of the business entities in the international environment, we consider as a one of the key factors of the business entities success in the future. Business entities, which in its development are limited to the domestic market (however large), are in terms of the future, destined to stagnation or even demise. In the best case, the larger international competitors will absorb that.

International cooperation of business entities allows to individual participants of this cooperation creates synergistic effects, which would not otherwise be achieved. International cooperation allows businesses to maximize their strengths and vice versa to eliminate its weaknesses. International cooperation clearly strengthens the competitiveness of individual business entities.

The basic aim of our portal is to promote the various forms of international cooperation between the business entities. By our specific services, we want to support the development of a broad spectrum of forms (Creative) of cooperation (Cooperation) between Czech and Chinese businesses. We want the granting of certification of business entities (Certification) to prove their credibility (Credible) in terms of their potential partners and customers (Customers). Business entities, which make use of our services, we offer a saving in production costs (Cost savings), the development of new business opportunities (Commercial) and the maximum use of the potential of individual firms (Chances).